In Chinese, the name of "Soon Hing Cheong" (信兴祥) means trustworthy, prosperity, and auspices. As our name conveys, we proudly occupies top place in Traditional Chinese Herbs trade. our very name is a guarantee of quality, value and integrity to you.

In the early 20's, the founder Mr. Chen Ti Rong arrived from China to seek his fortune in Malaysia. With chests of herbs and herbal medicine over his shoulder, he walked from door to door to sell his traditional chinese herbs.

In the 50's, Mr. Chen Kok Boh, who was the son of Mr. Chen Ti Rong, inherited the business. With the help of the reputation earned by Mr. Chen Ti Rong, Soon Hing Cheong Ginseng Sdn. Bhd. was set up in 1956 at Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur by Mr. Chen Kok Boh to sell traditional chinese herbs.


Retail Store



We also established our retail store at 1956. From then on, we had switched our business model from whole sale to retail of traditional chinese herbs. Selling top-quality traditional chinese herbs. We also provide Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor consultation.

With the help of the traditional chinese medicine doctors, we have come out with different traditional Chinese herbs treatment remedy. Packages of different Chinese herbs are pakced together for specific treatment.


In 1989, Mr. Kenny Chen, who is the current executive director of Soon Hing Cheong Ginseng Sdn. Bhd., inherited the business from Mr. Chen Kok Boh. He has been giving his personal attention to ensure the growth of the company. He introduced modern concept and system into company management.

We guarantees our clients that our name, Soon Hing Cheong (信兴祥) means good value and integrity. In the 90's Mr. Kenny Chen went to Mount Chang Bai (长白山) in Jilin province of China to bring back the best China wild ginseng; to Pontianak Indonesia to source the best quality of bird's nest.


Oriental Bowl Restaurant


Noticing the increasing numbers of customers, Mr. Kenny Chen established the Oriental Bowl Restaurant in August 1992. We provide Chinese Herbal soup, balanced diet and healthy food for customers.

Health, beauty and youthfulness are the principles of Oriental Bowl's business philosophy.Oriental Bowl's Chinese Herbal soup promises nutritious, quality and genuine herbs and ingredients. The preparation of the soup are lenghty and complex, making sure all the best nutritions and ingredients in the herbs are extracted. We have made it convenient for you to comsume healthy doses of herbs nutiotions by drinking our soups in your lunch and dinner.

We provide at least 15 types of soups that are pakced with extraction of Chinese herbs. Anyone can find the soup that suits him or her best, regardless gender or age.



In 1995, we set up a loyalty program and launched the HealthyWay Card (养生卡) in 2000. There are now over 1500 members in the program. They are all entitled to special offer and regular health care information. Greetings and gifts in special
occasions would be offered to members. Furthermore, members can accumulate points and redeem the points for valuable gifts.


In 1997, we initiated and promoted the concept of HealthyWay Culture, and at the same time we launched our classic HealthyWay Quarterly-to be given free to
all our clients. We also presents a variety of new product known as HealthyWay Gifts Series, highly recommended as valuable gifts.